Cameron 4My name is Cameron Taylor and I am delighted to be able to provide this short introduction to my work and interests.

I was born in Orkney, studied history at Aberdeen University and have lived and worked in places as diverse as the East End of London and Forres, the home of the real King Macbeth. I now live in my native Orkney again.



I divide my time between tourism and heritage consultancy, training and writing. Particular interests include ancestral tourism, community tourism and transmedia storytelling.

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13 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. I have a lowland ancestory. My Somervilles, Lindsays,Campbells Mckewans all came to New South Wales between 1830 and 1850 and settled generally on the mid north coast of NSW
    I am Registrar Clan Lindsay in Australia and am president of the committee that started and runs the Bonnie Wingham Scottish Festival on the first of June each year We are holding our 10th festival 29th May_1st June 2014
    This year we are holding the first gathering of Bruce descendants ever held in Australia featuring them at a Bannockburn lunch 1st June We have already overt one hundred enquiries with three people totally unknown to one another claiming to be the legal High King of Scotland I hope that we can stay i9n touch
    Eric Richardson

  2. Could I arrange to email/call you to discuss whether you would be able to contribute to a special interest tourism book project by writing a chapter on ancestral tourism?

    • Hi Paul
      Wordpress decided to hide messages left on the web site and I have only just found the message you left some considerable time ago. If the opportunity has not passed, I’d be delighted to know more – cameron@camerontaylor.info
      Best wishes


  3. Hi Cameron
    A blast from the past, I know! Hope you received my recent email with new work contact details. Good to catch up with you via your website.
    I am still involved in tourism-related stuff.
    Hope all is well.
    Kind regards

    • Good to hear from you, Peter. Unbeknownst to me, WordPress ate messages left on my web site and I have only just discovered several embarrassingly old ones. My email address is cameron@camerontaylor.info.
      Do keep in touch.
      Best wishes


  4. Dear Cameron,
    We are looking for an electronic copy of the YHT Development Plan, and wondered if, in the recesses of your data banks you might still have this – about 2002 I think
    Hope all is well with you – we are driving ahead with a lot of interesting stuff here
    All the best

  5. I have just discovered that I have ancestry from Perth, St Vigenes and Arbroath area my Great Great Great Grandfather /Grandmother were born there. Does that make me Scottish?? Lol very excited and what is best way to start learning about Scottiish Heritage !?

  6. Hello Cameron. I have just ordered a copy of your book about the real Macbeth. I am vice-chair of Lumphanan Heritage Society and we are trying to raise funds for our church in the village. I wonder whether you would consider doing a talk at the church about Macbeth, maybe combining it with a showing of your documentary?

  7. Hi Cameron. Have to tell you how much I enjoyed Welcome Home Prime Minister. It flows so readily and brings a smile every now and again, yet is packed with information on incidents well remembered. Thank you. I am so glad you eventually published a book that gives a completely different insight into the workings of No.10 Downing Street.

    All the best.


    • Thank you so much, Joan. Writing the book brought a flood of memories back for me. It seems like only yesterday.


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